Enduro race

2019 WERIDE三宅島 エンデューロレース 
  November 9 (Sat)-10 (Sun) will be held! !

Event Outline

Event Date 9th November 2019(Saturday)to 10th November 2019(Sunday) 
※Race will be held of the 9th.
Event Place Miyake Village, Miyake Island, Tokyo City 
Near Shititou Observatory and Rance Site of Village Management
Sponsors Non Profit Organization Miyake Island Sports Promotion Association
Miyake Village
Tokyo City
Event Associates Honorary President of Convention Ms. Yuriko Koike (Governor of Tokyo)
Convention President Mr. Akimasa Sakurada (Cheif of Miyake Village)
Congress Vice President Mr. Yukio Izawa (Board Chaiaman of Non Profit Organization Miyake Island Sports Promotion Assosiation)
Tournament Honorary Advisor Mr. Masahiko Miyake
(Member of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly [Elected in Island Department])
Event Information (1)An attractive course that you can only experience in Miyake Island.
  Ride along the thrilling lava zone unique to volcanic islands.
(2)Change the recruitment method of participants from the
  first-come-first-served basis to a lottery, and seek for new participants.
(3)Invited overseas riders to commemorate the 10th annual event.

Outline of Race

150 Minute Endurance Race with All 3 Classes Starting at Once
Expert Class MFJ International A, B Licence, Open
Challenge Class 150cc, 250cc, Open
Team Class Up to 3 Riders in One Team, Open
Capacity:130Machines ※When exceeding schedule number, I draw lots.
■Application period:  Sunday, September 1, 2019-Thursday, September 5 ※It is not first-come-first-served basis
Entry method Apply from the entry form on the website during the entry period
  If there is an application exceeding the capacity during the entry period, the organizer will draw a lottery
Lottery result E-mail notification of lottery results after entry deadline
Entry Send the application form to the winners, fill in the required items and pledges, and send them to the secretariat
(1)Prize Money(No Prize for Expert Class, Ladies Class Newly Established)
1st Overall:300,000JPY、2nd Overall:150,000JPY、3rd Ovreall:100,000JPY
1st Ladies Class:50,000JPY、2nd Ladies Class:40,000JPY、3rd Ladies Class:30,000JPY
(2)Special Prize and Other Luxury Prizes of Miyake Island
  Top 3 riders in each class. Under review of others for a special prize.
(3)Special Award
  We present off road bike of WERIDE Miyakejima Decal special specification  by lottery
Special prize:YAMAHA YZ125X 2020model

The tournament details will be released soon! !