Parent and child summer camp

2019 WERIDE Miyakejima Parent and child summer camp
  It’s held on Saturday, August 17-on Monday on the 19th!
   At a sea! At a mountain! By motorcycle! Three days when Miyakejima is experienced away!

Qualification The 1st grader of elementary school which can ride a bicycle-a 3rd grader of junior high school and the guardian
The high school student who has a participation experience in the past and the guardian
Entrance fee

Adult (more than junior high school student) \28,600 Child (schoolchild) \20,000.
※ The voyage cost of the round trip, the hotel charges and meal (breakfast x 3 and lunchx 3 and dinnerx 2)
And the insurance and consumption tax 8% are included.

※ Tokyo departure will be 8/16 Friday.

※ A voyage of a round trip uses a second class Japanese-style room seat.

Deadline It was a deadline on 7/25 Thursday

Specific non-corporation Miyakejima sports promotion association of for-profit activities/Miyake-mura

Support Tokyo-to
★ A reception desk-a staff leader leads an embarkation in Takeshiba passenger terminal complex, too.

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Day Program  


21:30-the aggregate and reception(Tokyo Takeshiba passenger terminal complex)

22:30 departure



5:00 arrives at Miyakejima.
After arrival, it’s to lodgings in a shuttle bus.You participate in rest and the opening ceremony after breakfast.
A group・・・The morning: Shimauchi sightseeing
         The afternoon: Sea bathing
B group・・・The morning and the afternoon: Motorcycle experience
                                   【Miyakejima stay】


After breakfast
A group・・・The morning and the afternoon: Motorcycle experience
B group・・・The morning: Shimauchi sightseeing
         The afternoon: Sea bathing

Dinner schedules a barbecue at a square of lodgings.
One after dinner schedules a fireworks event and a starry sky observation.

【Miyakejima stay】



After breakfast
A and B group Motorcycle experience
After the motorcycle experience The closing ceremony/luncheon

Miyakejima 13:35 departure~~Takeshiba passenger terminal complex 20:45 arrival

※ There is also a possibility that the tour contents are replaced by a reason of the weather and other things.
※ In case of rainy weather, interior recreation is being also prepared for Bouldering.
※ By the weather situation, change, it’s sometimes obliged.