Press Release

Notification of the 10th Annual WERIDE Miyake Island Enduro Race

 In order to promote tourism promotion on Miyake Island, the non-profit organization
Miyake Island Sports Promotion Association and Miyake Village have been holding
Enduro Races ever since 2010 for their cooperation with related parties and the support
from Tokyo City. The following announcement will be the details as follows, to meet the
10th anniversary of the event.


Event Date 9th November 2019(Saturday)to 10th November 2019(Sunday) 
※Race will be held of the 9th.
Event Place Miyake Village, Miyake Island, Tokyo City 
Near Shititou Observatory and Rance Site of Village Management
Event Outline See below
Sponsors Non Profit Organization Miyake Island Sports Promotion Association
Miyake Village
Tokyo City
Event Associates Honorary President of Convention Ms. Yuriko Koike (Governor of Tokyo)
Convention President Mr. Akimasa Sakurada (Cheif of Miyake Village)
Congress Vice President Mr. Yukio Izawa (Board Chaiaman of Non Profit Organization Miyake
Island Sports Promotion Assosiation)
Tournament Honorary Advisor Mr. Masahiko Miyake
(Member of Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly [Elected in Island Department])
Support To be listed in the Official Website
Event Information (1)An attractive course that you can only experience in Miyake Island.
Ride along the thrilling lava zone unique to volcanic islands.
(2)Change the recruitment method of participants from the
first-come-first-served basis to a lottery, and seek for new participants.
(3)Invited overseas riders to commemorate the 10th annual event.
Other (1)WERIDE Family Summer Camp(8/16 ~ 19)
(2)Summer Riding Lessons(8/10,11,24,25,31,9/1)
(3)The course will be partly open for 1 week after the race for open sessions.

Outline of Race

Basic Outline 150 Minute Endurance Race with All 3 Classes Starting at Once
  ①【Expert Class】(MFJ International A, B Licence, Open)
  ②【Challenge Class】(150cc, 250cc, Open)
  ③【Team Class】(Up to 3 Riders in One Team, Open)
Overall Scale (Scheduled) 130 Machines Altogether.※Up to 300 people(Including Mechanic and Helper)
  ※Accepting applications from 1st to 5th of September from Website and Competing riders
will be chosen by lottery if overload.
Prize (1)Prize Money(No Prize for Expert Class, Ladies Class Newly Established)
   1st Overall:300,000JPY、2nd Overall:150,000JPY、3rd Ovreall:100,000JPY
   1st Ladies Class:50,000JPY、2nd Ladies Class:40,000JPY、3rd Ladies Class:30,000JPY
   ※If a woman wins an overall prize money, the women’s class result will be advanced.
  (2)Special Prize and Other Luxury Prizes of Miyake Island
   Top 3 riders in each class. Under review of others for a special prize.
  (3)Special Award
Special prize : YAMAHA YZ125X 2020model

Invitation of Overseas Riders and Holding of Exhibition -1

1 Inviting Riders Overseas

“WERIDE Miyake Island” has been held since 2007. It is an event that we are working on with the island as a unique tourism promotion policy for motorcycle fans. Year 2019 will be the 10th Anniversary of the WERIDE Miyake Island Enduro Race, which has evolved from the Motorcycle Festival, and this year will be held as a step-up year to approach the world.
This event commemorates the 10th annual event, inviting high-level professional riders who are active internationally, and special participation in this event. The event will be held to improve the attraction of the race and to be enjoyed by many people.

Competing Rider①  Mr. Helder Rodrigues age 40 (Portugal)
   Team / HRC Dakar Team

A Portuguese rider born in 1979, won his first ever Enduro national championship in Portugal at 1999. In the same year, he came second place in the European Enduro Championship 250cc class, and also won a gold medal at ISDE” (International Six Days Enduro)”. After that, not only did he win 7-times in Enduro Championships in Portugal, but also showed a top 10 finish in the World Enduro Championships, and started the Dakar Rally Challenge in 2006 up until 2017. Currently elongs to HRC Dakar Team.

Competing Rider② Ms. Sanna Kärkkäinen age 24 (Finland)
   Team / KTM Finland Factory Racing Team
A Finnish female enduro rider, she has been active in both enduro and
motocross fields in Finland. In 2018, she won EM Gold at ENDURO EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP (WOMEN’S CLASS) and also won the World Champion by winning EM Gold at FIM WOMEN’S ENDURO WORLD CUP in Germany, which is held only once a year. This was the first for a Finnish woman to acheive victory as a World Enduro Championship. Currently active in Finland and at the forefront of
the world.

Invitation of Overseas Riders and Holding of Exhibition -2

2 Invitation of Goodwill Ambassadors

We hold a demonstration event in which a goodwill ambassador invited this time performs together. The event will be held at the island venue held on the day after the race, with the goal of having people who are not familiar with motorsport to enjoy and gain an understanding of motorsport as little as possible.
After the event, we will set up a time to communicate with the riders, and aim to have the
children of the island and the younger generations to feel that the Enduro Race was held on Miyake Island.

The Goodwill Ambassadors of Miyake Island Enduro Race ① Mr. Yohei Kojima (age 34)
 Team /  Bells Racing / SoCal MXTF
Yohei Kojima became a champion in the All Japan Motocross Championship International B-Class 125cc in his debut year. Also in 2006, won the All Japan Motocross Championships International A-class 250cc champion, and went on to win the championship in the year 2015 in the highest class in Japan, the
International A-class 450cc. In 2012, he became motocross player chairman and worked to expand the base of motocross and improve his position.
The Goodwill Ambassadors of Miyake Island Enduro Race ② Mr. Kenichi Kuroyama( age 41)
With a total of 87 wins at the All Japan Trial Championships (as of November 2018), earning 11 championship wins in the highest class which is a record in MFJ as most championship wins in the highest class(※1). Also he is the first Japanese to win in a Trial World Championship.   ※1 MFJ general competition (Road Race · Motocross · Trial · Super Moto · Snowmobile Enduro)
Highest ever record holder to win yearly championships.