Miyakejimamiyakemura, Tokyo chief Terumasa Sakurada.

In Miyakejima, 14 years have passed since the islanders who evacuated the entire island in the 2000 eruption disaster returned to the island.The “WERIDE Miyakejima enduro race” which reaches the 10th time of new phase with favor kept getting a fan steadily, and every time I repeated many times, grew as the race loved by everybody of a rider.

If this is also the gift everybody in the whole country is supporting entirely above all with Motorcycle Federation of Japan you’re cosponsoring and everybody of each support company and each related engine including Tokyo-to, I’ll be thankful to reform.

 It was also the progress which hold “WERIDE Miyakejima enduro race” on Saturday, November 9 and Sunday on the 10th this year.

I should be very much obliged if you can have much everybody know the charm by which Miyakejima is powerful great outdoors through this race.And the unique course where volcanic landform was utilized in the magnificent location of” Oyama” who wishes for the islands which float on the Pacific Ocean, I would like to ask you to enjoy a race Miyakejima where I dash greatly.

 Before racing much more we’ll hold “WERIDE Miyakejima parent and child summer camp” on Friday, August 16-on Monday on the 19th.The experience which usually rides the motorcycle which has no chances to touch easily safely can be done for the child, and I come, and besides I also am going sightseeing and am preparing various plans for sea bathing and barbecue.I would like to ask you also to enjoy yourself greatly here so that it’ll be a memory in these 4 days and the nice summer holidays which deepen children’s exchange and parent and child’s bond.


The person who has no cases that you participated yet as well as a person with participating in “WERIDE Miyakejima enduro race” and “WERIDE Miyakejima parent and child summer camp” up to now have come to Miyakejima by all means this chance, too, and I think of the charm by which Miyakejima is powerful great outdoors, I would like to ask you to experience it fully.

I’ll also pray for a motorcycle sport’s by “WERIDE Miyakejima 2019” becoming last in 2020 with some help of time causing to Tokyo Olympic Games and paralympics tournament holding.

The Miyakejima sports promotion association chief director Yukio Izawa.

A WERIDE Miyakejima enduro race and the one of everyone’s warm support, thanks to you, it was possible to meet 10th anniversary. First, I’d like to thank everybody. Thank you very much.

Evacuation directive was obliged and released a long refuge life in February, 2005 by large-scale eruption in 2000 in Miyakejima, but the population of the island was 65% before an eruption, and a tourist decreased half.It’s based on such situation and I hold an enduro race every year as sightseeing promotion measures and come at present for the purpose of supporting rehabilitation.

A race is developed for the course where I look down upon the Pacific Ocean under the eyes and go through ups and downs of 6 kilometers of full length from the observatory where sea breeze can be felt to the village run pasture site.
Though they play mud, they seem funny, a motorcycle, dispatch every time everybody of a rider was seen, it was being encouraged.

Many events are scheduled during holding as a commemoration meeting 10 times this year, so I’m also waiting for Kurushima of everybody this year.