Date: June 15,2020 Cancellation Announcement: WERIDE Miyakejima Enduro Race 2020 and Parent-Child Summer Camp.

     Last year, we had completed the 10th milestone of WERIDE Miyakejima Enduro Race and Parent-Child Summer Camp successfully. Once again, we appreciate all the riders for their steady growth as a motorcycle event.
     On May 25, a state-of-emergency declaration has lifted by the Japanese Government, and now Miyake Village is gradually recovering its daily life.  However, enough precaution is still necessary for coronavirus infections. Currently, there is only one clinic run by Miyake Village. To check for testing positive or to treat patients with symptoms needs to transport them to medical institutions or facilities on the Main Island. With this unique transportation system is so limited and decides the risks posed by COVID-19.  That will be hard to secure the safety and health of all participants due to such a fragile medical infrastructure.  There’s a possibility that if some may become infected on the island with its high population of elderly residents, it is likely to spread in a short period, and many patients may become severely ill.
     Due to health concerns and following advice of “ a new normal “ from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we see it is difficult to hold these events, so we regretfully announce the cancellation WERIDE Miyakejima Enduro Race 2020 and parent-child summer camp this year.  We are very sorry to everyone who was looking forward to holding this event, but we would appreciate your understanding. Now we ask you all riders to stay safe, not being infected by the virus, please sincerely come and enjoy the nature of Miyakejima at the next sports event.  By preparing a new project, we will welcome you all riders by all means possible. 
     From the island 180km away from Tokyo, we are looking forward to seeing you ”WARE,” meaning in our dialect.
         Tokyo Miyakejima Miyake Village Mayor, Akimasa Sakurada
NPO Miyakejima Sports Promotion Association Chairman, Yukio Izawa

Miyakejimamiyakemura, Tokyo chief Akimasa Sakurada
The Miyakejima sports promotion association chief director Yukio Izawa