WERIDE Miyakejima

“WERIDE Miyakejima” has been held since 2007 as an initiator of reconstruction from the Miyakejima eruption disaster.
It is an event that tackles the island as a unique and unique tourism promotion policy for bike fans.

We hold parent-child summer camp every year in August, and Enduro race in November.

The tagline that clearly indicates what this event aims for is “WERIDE”.
The islander of Miyakejima “is going to challenge with everyone (WE)” to the island revival using the motorcycle (RIDE).
And not only the islanders, but all over the world, bike fans from all over the world have been put in the event that they will create events with everyone (WE) and support with everyone (WE).

 The arrows represent the strength of our own “will” and “advanced content”. This logo also includes the desire to develop and develop global motorcycle events in the future.

Let’s do WERIDE on Miyakejima, which will make a steady step towards reconstruction.

WERIDE Miyakejima Enduro Race
WERIDE Miyakejima parent and child summer camp